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Blog Post 003 - Be a part of the change!!

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Our rivers , oceans and other water ways are an unbelievable place to visit in Florida!! There is an abundance of life to immerse yourself in!!

Unfortunately our waterways are being threatened and that includes the animals and fish that live in these places we enjoy so much!

Here at Water’s Edge, or, our mission is to promote awareness to help with river and beach cleanups and help the process in restoration and join with our community to do our part to give back to the state we love so much...

To start helping now you can donate to our cause, buy some stylish merch or come out and support one of our up and coming events ...

Our company is just getting started so please go to our website and purchase a transfer sticker. 10% of all merch proceeds goes directly to environmental restoration.

Stay tuned for more merch and event dates as we grow! Link in bio.

Thank you for your support!

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